Southern California Crime Report for 2018

ILSSC researchers forecast a general decrease in both violent and property crime in the Southern California region in 2018. Using a forecast model based on 15 years of data, they project an average decrease in violent crime of 17% and property crime of 6% across cities in 2018. Their forecast model projects violent crime will decrease in 87% of cities in the region and property crime will decrease in 71% of cities in the region. Professor John Hipp notes that “although we are quite confident in the general results of our forecast model, we caution that there can be variations due to idiosyncratic factors within any given city.” Nonetheless, “this forecasted decrease simply continues a long trend that has been occurring in the U.S. and the region over the last 25 years,” observed Professor Charis Kubrin. The just released Southern California Regional Crime Report also provides information on how crime has changed over the last 10 years in cities across the Southern California region.

Click link to download: Crime Report for Southern California 2018 by ILSSC.

2018 Map Highlights

Violent Crime
Standardized 3 year average crime rate
Property Crime
Standardized 3 year average crime rate



All Crime

Standardized 3 year average crime rate