New lab publication on crime concentration and spatial scales (Online first)

You can now access an online first article by Dr. John R. Hipp, Dr. James C. Wo, & Young-An Kim in the Social Science Research entitled, “Studying neighborhood crime across different macro spatial scales: The case of robbery in 4 cities”. The article examines crime variation across macro-environments & micro-geographic units four cities.

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Southern California Crime Study

In the Southern California Crime Study (SCCS), the researchers made an effort to contact each police agency in the Southern California region and request address-level incident crime data for the years 2005-2012. Many of the agencies were willing to share their data with us. As a consequence, we have crime data for 2,740 of the 3,852 tracts in the region, which cover 219 of the 341 cities and 83.3 percent of the region’s population.

Further information

. The data come from crime reports officially coded and reported by the police departments. We classified crime events into six Uniform Crime Report (UCR) categories: homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny. Crime events were geocoded for each city separately to latitude–longitude point locations using ArcGIS 10.2, and subsequently aggregated to various units such as blocks, block groups, and census tracts. The average geocoding match rate was 97.2% across the cities, with the lowest value at 91.4%. These data have been used in several prior studies (Kubrin and Hipp 2016; Hipp and Kubrin Forthcoming).

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New lab publication on crime concentration

In December 2016 ILSSC faculty John Hipp and graduate student Young-an Kim had a journal article published in Journal of Quantitative Criminology entitled, “Measuring Crime Concentration across Cities of Varying Sizes: Complications Based on the Spatial and Temporal Scale Employed.” The article raises conceptual and methodological challenges to measuring the concentration of crime in cities.

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