ILSSC Students Present at 2017 UROP Symposium

Several ILSSC undergraduate lab members presented at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Symposium on May 20.

  • Sukayna Jaidi presented her Social Ecology Honors Program research project, “Special Call (Peace): “Coming to America”: Exploring the Relationship between Immigration and Crime during the 20th and 21st Centuries”
  • Katelyn M. Seieroe, Daniel Schuman, Peng Li Su, & Jingwei Li presented their UROP funded research project, “Measuring Enclave and Revitalization Characteristics of Koreatown, Los Angeles and the Consequences for Crime Concentration”
  • Kevin Pedraza presented his UROP funded research project, “An Exploratory Spatial-Temporal Study on Criminal Victimization in Dallas.”
  • You Jin Yoon, Andres R. Madrial, & Arianna M. Lizaldi presented a poster of the lab research they have been completing throughout the year, “Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Neighborhood Observation”