ILSSC is proud to offer public use analysis support code to aid in data analysis. The applications were developed through current research projects at ILSSC. Please use the suggested citations when using the applications.

Stata Code


This ado file creates variables aggregated to egohoods.  This approach was described in this published article:

Hipp, John R. and Adam Boessen. 2013. “Egohoods as waves washing across the city: A new measure of “neighborhoods”.” Criminology 51:287-327.

Egohoods are an overlapping approach to constructing neighborhoods—whereas almost all other approaches to constructing neighborhoods utilize a non-overlapping approach (neighborhoods do not overlap with one another), egohoods take an explicitly spatial approach to measuring context. The code can be obtained here.

Latent Class Analysis Fix

Automated cleaning/adjustment of MPlus LCA .txt files imported into Stata

Written by Nicholas Branic — Dec 4, 2014

This code adjusts latent class analysis output from MPlus after being imported into Stata and remedies an issue where data can “shift” columns if missing data are present in the dataset. The code can be obtained here.