Lab publication on Advances in Spatial Criminology

This new review article surveys the field of spatial criminology, and considers recent theoretical and methodological contributions.  It discusses challenges confronting the field, and needed next directions for research.

You can access the article by Dr. John R. Hipp and Seth A. Williams in the Annual Review of Criminology entitled, “Advances in Spatial Criminology: The Spatial Scale of Crime.”

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“This review takes stock of recent advances, as well as enduring and emerging challenges, in the area of spatial criminology. Although the notions of place and space are fundamentally intertwined, spatial criminology is distinct in its attempt to measure and theorize explicitly spatial processes and relationships. This review highlights three key themes. First, the use of increasingly smaller geographic units in recent research creates an even greater need to account for spatial behavior of persons when studying the location of crime. Second, although the explosion of spatially precise data in recent years presents exciting possibilities, we argue that theory is falling behind in guiding us in analyzing these new forms of data, and explicitly inductive approaches should be considered to complement existing deductive strategies. Third, an important direction for spatial criminology in the next decade is considering the extent to which micro- and mesolevel processes operate invariantly across different macro contexts.”