Dr. Kubrin interviewed for KABC News

Watch the segment “AB109 debate reignites after police say Whittier officer slain by parolee” here:

Charis Kubrin interviewed for Take Two, KPCC Southern California Public Radio.

Listen to the segment, “Officers say Props 47 and 57 made the streets dangerous. But there’s no proof” here:

Dr. Kubrin interviewed for KCRW’s Press Play

Listen to the segment “Do immigrants increase crime?” here:

Release of the Southern California Crime Report 2017

ILSSC is proud to release the Southern California Crime Report 2017. An annual report of standardized crime rates to facilitate comparisons between cities within the Southern California region. Read more about the Crime Report here. Download the Crime Report for Southern California 2017 here.

ILSSC at Western Society of Criminology Conference 2017

ILSSC researchers are excited to share cutting-edge research at the Western Society of Criminology Annual Conference 2017. [Read more…]